Emerging Destruction



Philosophy is not regarded well in Scripture, in fact it’s seen as an evil that can lead believers astray. It is, however, a long established part of the world’s belief systems and over the centuries has always striven to infiltrate the Church and basic Christian doctrine.

In my lifetime, one of thephilosophiesthat made a significant impact on the church was the‘marketing' philosophy. it worked, it was based on the idea of finding out what Joe Bloggs wanted from a church, and then giving it to him. Of course what JB 'wanted' was nothing like the Gospel of salvation from sin through faith and repentance, which has a tendency to make people feel far too uncomfortable. So, in the light of the marketing mantra that 'the customer is always right', the seeker friendly church was born.

The principal victim of this approach was the Gospel itself, of course.

Thelife-changing power of the Gospel message was replaced by the poor substitute of a 'feel good' pop psychology.


However, although the philosophy of the market still remains entrenched in some parts of the Church, it has not resulted in the expected 'revival', in fact the reverse is true. So we are now told that it is the consumer who has changed, and what people want today is mystical, touchy-feely spiritual experiences. In order to meet this felt need, not only has the Gospel got to change, but the entire Bible!

But how can this latest idea possibly change the Bible?

It can’t, of course, but the way in which weunderstand the Bible can be challenged and changed. This has been the mission of the emerging churches. They teach that we can understand the Bible better by using different philosophical perspectives. In other words they view the Bible through different coloured lenses. Yes, the picture does change when viewed through different lenses, but this is only a perceived change, an illusion. The fact is that absolute truth does not change however you view it. God's Word remains the same and always will.

What is actually happening here is that the world is changing the Church rather than the Church changing the world.


This situation is desperately sad because the proponents of this emerging philosophy are themselves deceived and busily engaged in leading others into the same deception. In Matthew 15, Jesus warns that if one blind person guides another they will both fall into a ditch.

Paul also warns of this sort of danger in his letter to the Colossians chapter 2

'Beware that no man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the traditions of men.

Hebrews 11 and 12 tells us of the supreme importance of faith and that Jesus alone is the author and finisher of our faith. Everything God created was made by His Word and we have to believe this by faith.

There is no other way to please God other than to have faith in Him and His Word, but the emerging church does not use faith to interpret and understand the Bible, they think they have another 'better' tool, with philosophical perspectives. However, this is the wrong tool, as it distorts their ability to see the truth clearly and, in their blindness, they thrash around trying to disprove and undermine Scripture.

This follows the same pattern of marketing that the seeker-friendly church used to sell their philosophy to the church; Firstly they make the punters unhappy with the faith they have by telling them that the basis of their beliefs is old fashioned and unreliable, then they offer them their new product. The emerging church calls this process of faith demolition: 'deconstruction'. They readily assume the authority and responsibility of demolishing people’s faith and understanding of the Bible. Once this is complete, then out comes the new product, but what is it?

It's not faith by Biblical standards, but a faith that is generated by personal feelings and mystical experiences. In other words their product is faith built on sand! Nothing new about that at all! It’s man-centric, not God centred.


The emerging church (Progressive Church) is an inter-denominational movement now. It is another of Satan's ploys to get Christians to let go of their simple trust in the Word of God andJesus Christ, the Word made flesh. The alternative on offer tickles the intellect and is a raft of unbiblical mystical experiences and techniques that result in people becoming effectively addicted to spiritual (emotional) highs. As a result people are unwittingly opening themselves up to deceiving spirits. The Bible makes it clear that such personal experiences are not to be trusted. 'Believe not every Spirit.’ 'Do not seek after a sign'.

Whether or not people whole-heartedly accept the teachings of these misguided philosophers, it has to be said that they have definitely muddied the waters. So much so that, for many, the difference between what is Godly and what is Satanic is now much harder to distinguish.

The Church is being high-jacked! We are commissioned to sow seeds of FAITH in Jesus Christ God’s Son.

The Emerging Church/Progressive Theology, sows seeds of doubt.

Doubts about The Trinity, doubts about the substitutional death of Christ, doubts about the person of the Holy Spririt, doubts about the place called Heaven, in factdoubts about the entire Bible. Will you let their seeds of doubt have any place in your life?

They have no real basis of faith and admit it, they make it up as they go along.

Please heed my warning, don't go there. The Emerging Church/Progressive Theology is powerful, persuasive, and deadly! Their main target is church leaders, if they can deceive a leader they can deceive his whole congregation.

Hold fast to your faith and to the truth of God's word. Don’t listen to the gospel of doubt.

Martin Edwyn

Martin Edwyn 2015/2019